• Ready for Inspection

    Electronic Manufacturing Facility

    We have 3 Surface Mount Assembly lines placing upto 57,000 components an hour.

  • Awaiting X-Ray

    Electronic Manufacturing Facility

    Provides prototyping, Volume and small batch runs

  • Final Examination

    Electronic Manufacturing Facility

    We can provide a one-stop production facility from
    bare board population to final enclosure shipment.

  • Director Nick Floss explaining how the process works

    Electronic Manufacturing Facility

    The company is ISO 9001 Certified and RoHS Compliant

  • Factory in the Heart of Essex

    Electronic Manufacturing Facility

    Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Facility based in Essex.

Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility has the answer for all business sectors...

  • Utilities Market

    Utilities Market

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility supply fully assembled enclosures to the utilities market. End users include, Anglian Water, Seven Trent, Scottish Water and as well as being distributed all over the world.

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  • Global Sporting Events

    Global Sporting Events

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility produce PCB Assemblies used for High Definition Camera’s, broadcasting pictures from around the world in major sporting events including China, India, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Portugal as well as London.

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  • Oil Exploration Technology

    Oil Exploration Technology

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility provide PCB Assemblies to several bluechip companies that are involved in the oil exploration industry.

    The assembly is used to monitor any solids, such as sand, in oil flow.

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  • Motorsport Outside Broadcast

    Motorsport Outside Broadcast

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility provide PCB Assemblies for use in On-Board Camera’s that are fitted to sports vehicles, in many of today's leading sporting events.

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  • Highways Agency Information Boards

    Highways Agency Information Boards

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility provide PCB Assemblies for the Highways Agency that control displays in overhead motorways signs, Urban Area Traffic Warning signs and Car Park information boards.

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  • Automotive Sector

    Automotive Sector

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility currently make components for several suppliers in the Automotive sector. Our components go into engine management, wiring harnesses and various other electrical components of a modern day car.

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  • Healthcare


    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility makes various components for a large range of suppliers who work in the healthcare sector.

    Our components go into a wide range of equipment such as monitors and scanners that are necessary for a hospitial to function.

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  • Education


    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility currently make components for several suppliers in the Education sector. Our components go into everything from teacher training aids to student and classroom equipment.

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  • Residential

    Touch Screen Displays

    Our Electronic Manufacturing Facility are currently supplying Touch Screen Displays to several different sectors.

    The touch screens that we assemble for our clients are being used in monitors, test equipment and various other electrical goods throughout the world.

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